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Book2Net scanner Kiosk book

The Book2Net Kiosk book scanner is the perfect fit in public areas such as Reading rooms in public and acedemic libraries, companies, banking houses and lawyer's offices. This model is designed to enable fast and economic high-quality scans of documents quickly and easily by unskilled walk-up operators thanks to its new twin touch technology and remarkable short cycle time.



Fast and economical capturing of documents in public areas

Configurable graphic user interface for adapting the software on your individual workflow

Up to 7 languages available for user guidance

Twin touch technology - short cycle time for unskilled walk-up operators to easily achieve high-quality scans



Exposure Time - 0.3 seconds

Cycle Time - 1.9 seconds

Image formats - Color

Layout Table - 18 X 24 inches layout section (>A2!) for books with a spine up to 12 cm

User Interface - Touchscreen with multilingual User Interface

Camera Interface - USB 2.0 Standard

Output Formats - TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG2000



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