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E-Image Data Scanpro 3000 microfilm scanner

The new ScanPro 3000 microfilm scanner features a 26 megapixel camera, nearly twice the optical resolution of any microfilm scanner, providing customers with exceptional image quality never before seen in the micrographics industry.



26 Megapixel Camera (document resolution over 500 dpi – the highest in the industry)

Limited Auto Scanning included

High resolution scans of your microfilm in One Second

Optical zoom magnification 7X to 54X or 7X to 105X

Real time, live viewing right on your PC monitor

Use with All Film types and Micro Opaques cards - Fiche, roll film, opaques, ultrafiche, aperture cards

 Optional Productivity Suite (Word search, Info-Link, copy to clipboard, multi-level word searchable PDF)



Type: Desktop, compact digital microfilm viewer and scanner

Film Types: Negative, Positive film and Micro Opaque

Screen Size: Uses PC screen

Scanning Speed: 1 second

Magnifications: One lens 7X to 54X

Optical Resolution: Selectable 150 to 600dpi



OPTIONAL:Auto-Scan®, PowerScan productivity Suite: Info-Link™, WORD-Search, Copy to Clipboard, Word Searchable PDFs (multi page), Micro Opaques, Foot Switch






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