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Security Certification

With experience in scanning mandates that require high security standards, Sigedoc provides its clientele with highly secured production centers, certified by Public Works and...

Quality Control

Quality control is an essential aspect of the production and scanning process at Sigedoc. Thanks to our irreproachable quality control techniques according to the best practice...

Product and Software Certifications

The technical team at Sigedoc owns several certifications ensuring a high standard result with the equipment and the software used.

Scanning Centers

Permanent scanning and production centers

Sigedoc puts in place scanning and production centers in locations supplied by the client, in case of a permanent and regular scanning contract (over a year).

Sigedoc Specialised Scanning Centers – SSSC

Sigedoc owns a large scanning Center (SSSC) of over 20,000 square feet, situated in Montréal and capable of managing all types of product in Norht America. The SSSC is equipped...

Temporary scanning and production centers

The temporary scanning and production centers are a practical, flexible and efficient service for all types of businesses (small, medium or large), governmental organisations or...

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Data Storage

Sigedoc offers a solution for storing digital files via dedicated servers and full support service.

Secure Document Transportation


Sigedoc has its own document transporting network, which is usually an incompressible and time-consuming step for the client. This is why we offer our clients to take charge of...

Sigedoc OnDemand – Document transportation on demand

The On-demand document transportation service – Sigedoc OnDemand, is a service created for all types of businesses, governmental organisations or independent workers that need...

Sigedoc UltraSecret – Confidential document transportation

Sigedoc can transport confidential documents to scan safely.

Sigedoc RoundTrip - Transport of documents to scan and return

Sigedoc RoundTrip is a fast and safe service available to all our customers whether for governmental or private organizations.

Sigedoc Collect – Document transportation for destruction

Sigedoc can pick up your documents and destroyed them securely for you.

Scanning Services per Volume

High Volume Scanning

Without any compromise on quality, Sigedoc offers high-volume scanning services. With the capacity to convert an important quantity of files into electronic format in a very short...

Mid-Volume Scanning

Sigedoc offers a medium volume scanning service. With the capacity to convert files into electronic format of premium quality, Sigedoc scans a wide range of conventional or non-conventional...

Low Volume Scanning

Sigedoc offers individuals, organizations and businesses with low volume scanning services in its secure premises.

Numérisation pour les municipalités

Sigedoc propose au secteur municipal des services et produits de numérisation ainsi que l'implantation de solutions en gestion documentaire. Avec ses centres de services de production...

Scanning Services

Scanning: Our expertise

As part of the TACT Group, Sigedoc specializes in data conversion processes. From the data capture solutions to the data output and redistribution, the Sigedoc team provides a...

On-site Scanning

Our production resources can go on-site. You will benefit from a wide range of scanning equipment directly in your offices. You will be able either to buy it or get it on lease...

Off-site Scanning

Depending on the client’s request, we scan documents, including confidential ones, in our scanning and production centers equipped with the latest technology, for punctual or...

Turnkey Solutions

Incoming documents - Digital Mailroom

Whether they are physical or digital incoming documents, Sigedoc puts in place high-end document management processes and tools adapted to your needs and industry. Depending on...

Active documents

Sigedoc offers companies the implementation of a scanning center that will centralize day-to-day information, used and updated every day. Sigedoc takes charge of scanning as well...

Archived documents

The sorting and storing of archives can be a very fastidious and costly operation for organisations that can’t rely on internal resources and competences. This is why Sigedoc...

Data Entry and Data Extraction

Extraction and indexing data

Sigedoc develops and provides advanced technologies for extracting and indexing data from scanned documents.

Scanning Experts

Computer programmers

Sigedoc has its own team of computer programmers, which enables to design et to adapt innovative tools to specific needs for scanning and production.

Scanning clerks

Sigedoc makes certified scanning clerks available to its clients to manipulate highly confidential documents, fragile and delicate documents or archived document that have been...


Sigedoc provides a genuine team of specialists in document management, including graduated archivists certified by the Association of Archivists from Quebec. Their mission is to...


Sigedoc assists you in the scanning and electronic document management processes. The consultation team has an experience of almost 20 years in document dematerialization. Through...

Scanning: Our expertise

As part of the TACT Group, Sigedoc specializes in data conversion processes. From the data capture solutions to the data output and redistribution, the Sigedoc team provides a...