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Cloud Data Storage

Sigedoc offers a solution for storing digital files via dedicated servers and full support service. 

Enjoy a digital safe thought to your specific needs, protected in a highly secure environment.


Two options are available:

  • Accommodation in a cloud
  • Storage on dedicated servers



  • Reduce your storage space internally or allocate it to your most valuable documents
  • Rely on professionals to protect your data, whether in terms of confidentiality integrity. Your digital safe will stand the test of fire, earthquakes and floods.
  • Take an outsourced IT specialist and dedicated team at your service
  • Save time and cost of maintaining a complex infrastructure
  • Access your data at any time via a secure portal 


Packages available:


Data Plan

• From 10 TB To 50 TB

• From 50 TB 100 TB

• 100 TB and more



Monthly Plan



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