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Archived documents

The sorting and storing of archives can be a very fastidious and costly operation for organisations that can’t rely on internal resources and competences. This is why Sigedoc thrives at offering a scanning and archiving service complete to clients.

We keep an important volume of archives that we consult at times or never at all. Frequently, those same documents take a lot of storage space and the time allocated to consulting information inside the team, to make copies or addenda, is time and money that could be used elsewhere within the organisation.

Whether they are physical or digital documents, Sigedoc offers a consulting service thanks to a graduated team of archivists that are also certified by the Quebec Association of Archivists. This same team can put in place a conservation calendar, a scanning plan, classification rules and assist you in the process of externalizing the storage of your archives.

Sigedoc scans your archives and assists you in the process of archive conservation so as to respect the established norms.

The scanning center and the archival resources can work directly within the client’s offices or in a highly secured scanning center of Sigedoc. An archivists’ team detached within your organisation for long-term projects (1 year or more) are also available.

Transport, tracking, codification, and all the different steps are processed in order to ensure that information is classified according to requirements set with the client.

Sigedoc assists you in accessing an important volume of documents at your fingertips for better service to your clients, employees and suppliers. Information that was difficult, even impossible to access before is now available in just a few clicks. The time taken by resources to access and consult the right document is cut in half compared to manual access to information. To learn more about our scanning solutions and the archives management, please contact us.


Some of the benefits from scanning and processing archived documents:

  • Entrust experts for the management of your archives and do not worry about putting a team in place internally.
  • Deal with only one supplier for document management, from transport to physical and digital storage, from consulting to scanning.
  • Save storage space by sorting out your documents.
  • Be assured that you will comply with any legal obligation regarding document conservation.


We work with the most renowned brands in the industry such as IBML, Fujitsu, Kodak-Alaris and Canon… These products scan a wide range of documents and formats:


Types of documents that we scan:

Invoices                Receipts        Mail
Documents Microfiches Books
Checks                             Architectural plans               Rare and delicate documents
Contracts Medical records Photos
Permits Active files


Formats :

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Micrographie
    • A0 841mm X 1189mm
    • A1 594mm X 841mm
    • A2 420mm X 594mm
    • A3 297mm X 420mm
    • A4 210mm X 297mm
    • A5 148mm X 210mm
    • A6 105mm X 148mm
    • A7 74mm X 105mm
    • A8 52mm X 74mm
    • 63.5 × 89 mm
    • 82.5 × 120 mm
    • 89 × 127 mm
    • 90 × 205 mm
    • 100 × 148 mm
    • 120 × 235 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 102 × 152 mm
    • 114 × 152 mm
    • 127 × 178 mm
    • 152 × 203 mm
    • 203 × 254 mm
    • 203 × 305 mm
    • 254 × 305 mm
    • 254 × 381 mm
    • 279 × 356 mm
    • 279 × 432 mm
    • 305 × 381 mm
    • 305 × 457 mm
    • Flat Film
    • 105 x 148 mm
    • Microfilm
    • 16 mm
    • 35 mm
    • Microfiche
    • 105 x 148 mm (ISO A6)


If a format or type of document isn’t available in the list, please communicate with us.