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Quality Control

Quality control is an essential aspect of the production and scanning process at Sigedoc. Thanks to our irreproachable quality control techniques according to the best practice in the industry, we validate each of our production and scanning steps to ensure that all the content is converted according to the requirements and that no information gets lost.

The highly qualified team at Sigedoc works with scanning tools that enable a conversion from paper to digital document according to high quality standards in terms of result as well as execution processes. A follow up on each document is done from the collecting step to project delivery.

Our process is composed of essential elements ensuring the sustainability of the produced inages, the replacing of the original paper with the digital original and the legal value of the converted images.

The quality experts at Sigedoc intervene at each step. Audits are put in place, described and documented systematically.

If needed, the quality control processes are adapted depending on the client, the industry or the criteria in order to make sure that the scanning respects the norms required by the client.

The quality mechanisms used by Sigedoc are based on the ITIL reference and the ISO norms.

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