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High Volume Scanning

Without any compromise on quality, Sigedoc offers high volume scanning services. With the capacity to convert an important quantity of files into electronic format in a very short amount of time, Sigedoc provides projects with cutting edge capture tools to get a superior image quality and scan a wide range of document formats, whether conventional or non-conventional. Sigedoc's Scanning Centers are easily adaptable to large projects that imply the scanning of millions of documents.

The conversion must be fluently done in a limited near-seamless transition, in such situations, a high volume scanner is essential. Whether for incoming, active or archived documents, the high volume scanning service includes an experienced team of experts in scanning and document management, as well as archivists can additionally oversee and organize the conversion process.

Sigedoc convert paper documents into high quality electronic files for a variety of industries such as healthcare, financial, legal or governmental institutions. These files can be easily stored and shared within your company or any department. Sigedoc scans also in high volume ever microfilm with a yield of higher quality.

Scanned images can be sent to your existing content management system or in one of our many solutions in document management. Maintenance of our equipment is continuous: adjustment, calibration and updates.


Sigedoc offers a full service: from the pickup of documents to file preparation, scanning, indexing and return, storage or destruction.

  • In recurring mandates: scanning of documents on a regular basis over a continuous period.
  • In single-mandate: Scanning a large amount of documents over a specified period. Delivery date agreed with the customer.


These mandates can be made in our secure scanning centers or directly on client's location.


Subsidiary of the TACT Group, Sigedoc has a catalog of over 500 products for scanning. Products are chosen tailored to meet the needs of every project.


By converting paper documents into electronic images, your organization enjoy the following benefits:

  •      Saves time, space and money
  •      Effective access to documentation
  •      Better preservation of information
  •      No risk of deterioration of documents
  •      More reliable security
  •      Ability to search text on documents
  •      Minimize the consumption of paper
  •      Reduce operational costs associated with the use of physical documents
  •      Automation of document management processes
  •      Allows organizations to focus benefits on its customers and its fundamental tasks


  • Kg
  • Number of boxes
  • Number of documents
  • High Volume Scanning
  • More than 901 kg
  • 101 and more
  • 400,001 and more
  • Mid-Volume Scanning
  • 101 - 900 kg
  • 11 - 100
  • 40,001 - 400,00
  • Low Volume Scanning
  • 0 - 100 kg
  • 0 - 10
  • 0 - 40,000


Our High Volume Scanning Service * includes:

  • Council and audit services

    • Determining Customer Needs
  • Secure Document Transportation

  • Opening and initial sorting

  • Batching

  • Storage

    • Image indexation
    • Images of documents
  • Indexation

    • Indexation
    • Data Entry
    • Quality Control
  • Scanning

  • Verification and Quality Control

  • Document shredding or return of documents to the customer by transporter



We will also provide you with a whole team dedicated to your project at the center:

Document management technicians

Document  management profesionnals

Document management consultants

Clerks dedicated to the physical preparation of documents

Clerks dedicated to scanning operations

Clerks dedicated to data entry

Computer specialists

System architects

Document management analyst

Project managers

Strategic consultants


Sigedoc has the infrastructure and equipment of the latest technology of the most recognized brands such as IBML, Fujitsu, Kodak Alarisand Canon.


Examples of documents types and formats that can be scanned at Sigedoc:


Invoices                Receipts        Mail
Documents Microfiches Books
Checks                             Architectural plans               Rare and delicate documents
Contracts Medical records Photos
Permits Active files


Formats :

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Micrographie
    • A0 841mm X 1189mm
    • A1 594mm X 841mm
    • A2 420mm X 594mm
    • A3 297mm X 420mm
    • A4 210mm X 297mm
    • A5 148mm X 210mm
    • A6 105mm X 148mm
    • A7 74mm X 105mm
    • A8 52mm X 74mm
    • 63.5 × 89 mm
    • 82.5 × 120 mm
    • 89 × 127 mm
    • 90 × 205 mm
    • 100 × 148 mm
    • 120 × 235 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 148 × 200 mm
    • 102 × 152 mm
    • 114 × 152 mm
    • 127 × 178 mm
    • 152 × 203 mm
    • 203 × 254 mm
    • 203 × 305 mm
    • 254 × 305 mm
    • 254 × 381 mm
    • 279 × 356 mm
    • 279 × 432 mm
    • 305 × 381 mm
    • 305 × 457 mm
    • Flat Film
    • 105 x 148 mm
    • Microfilm
    • 16 mm
    • 35 mm
    • Microfiche
    • 105 x 148 mm (ISO A6)


If a format or type of document isn’t available in the list, please communicate with us.



In 2014, Sigedoc conducted scanning, verification and conversion to PDF signed a million documents in less than 48 hours on behalf of the CSST and repeatedly.

This is a high productivity performance to the nature of confidential documents and a need to make a seamless transition to digital department. The production was performed directly in the customer's premises. Sigedoc and his team set up the production center and operated on the premises of the customer. 


Bombardier Aéronautique and Sigedoc will team up again

CSPQ - État civil - scanning several million of images of different registers of État civil



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