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Your Team for Scanning and Implementing Document Management Solutions

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Sigedoc provides a genuine team of specialists in document management, including graduated archivists certified by the Association of Archivists from Quebec. Their mission is to collect, make inventories and preserve documents.

Our archivists, beside project management, can be assigned within your structure to put document management tools in place, including conservation calendars and classification plans. They can help you determine and select the valid documents to keep while implementing the steps for conservation, preservation, resources, arrangement, description and reference.

Some documents better be scanned even if the physical version is kept so as to prevent damaging the original.

A large number of files to archive are paper files, but our archivists can also assist you in preserving digital files, which is a growing need.

Sigedoc’s archivists stand out thanks to their focus on organisation, attention to detail, listening skills and consulting. They know how to adapt to the clients realities and to their needs.